Selasa, 1 Juli 2014

Somebody Loves You, I Promise

He’ll be the sweetest guy you’ve ever met.

He’ll listen to every word you say about your favorite character, or songs, movies, or even just something weird about bees and skies.

He’ll wake you up every morning with kisses.

He’ll eat on every food you make, no matter how bad it tastes.

He’ll watch your eyes when he talks to you, not just your lips or your hair.

He’ll be weirder than you, much weirder but no matter how weird he gets there’s nothing you can do but smile at his stupid things.

You both will have the same weird humor and only you two will understand it.

You’ll do the most embarrassing things like dancing in the rain when Metalica blaring, screaming about inappropriate thing in public, and quoting the whole book on the train just to pass the time.

He will tell you how you always drown him with butterflies on his stomach, cliché but you love it anyways.

In the end, there’s nothing you can do but drowning with him.

And cockily he’ll say, “We’re endgame.”

He’ll come, I promise. You just have to wait, just like he’s waiting for you to come right now


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